The Future of Waveland.

Waveland is an imaginative space where it's citizens can meet to think about how the world in which we live might be otherwise.

All creative ideas are welcome, but remember to try and keep them simple.

Here are some ideas we have had:

Perhaps some of you might like to construct scenarios or stories about possible futures, to provoke discussion and debate.

Perhaps these stories could also be used as context to inform real time (live chat) role-playing games.

Perhaps we could organise a Waveland campfire around which, at a designated date and time, Wavelanders could gather to tell their own personal stories.

Of course, networking, information sharing and informed debate are not to be underestimated.

But wouldn't it be exciting to invent some new and compelling ways of using a space such as Waveland as an imaginative tool for transforming our view of the world? 

Please be aware that all new activities and content zones are currently being developed and supported alongside our daily responsibilities, so please be patient.

We are doing our best to ensure that all the content zones in Waveland are self-maintaining. Re-engineering Waveland is a voluntary activity but resposes to your requests and suggestions will be attended to in due course.

Perhaps in the future we will be able to pass on some of the responsibilities for content management and event organisation to Wavelanders.

A final note.

Remember that Waveland has only recently re-floated and it will take time for the community to develop again, so don't be get despondant if the population curve looks like a low, gentlly banking plateau for a while.

Size isn't always the most important consideration, you know.



The Waveland Flotation Squad.

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