Introduction to Waveland

Waveland is a new global country situated on the Internet.

It's citizens share common values: co-operation, respect for difference, peaceful co-existence with one-another and with nature.

It exists to allow it's global citizens to meet and imagine how things might be other-wise.

Otherwise? Other than it is in this late phase of informational capitalism and with the attendant phenomena of "globalisation".

To imagine, discuss, share information and stories, commiserate, perhaps plan alternative ways of life.

So you see, Waveland is much more than just a discussion area, it's a state of mind.

It's an imaginative space, a place where we can create new scenarios, report on and conceive new forms of action, new kinds of alliances, tactics and strategies, a new politics that embraces life and makes use of imaginative strategies to realise it's goals.

You'll probably notice that Waveland is altogether unlike most places you'll find on the Internet these days.

For it's quiet you see, some might even describe it as serene....

This is by no means an accident. Waveland is a data-oasis where you should feel that you are as far from the global marketplace as you could possibly be.

When you're in Waveland you won't be tracked, profiled, psychographically assessed, polled, interrogated, scrutinised, subjected to banner ads, interstitial advertising or any of the plethora of intrusive mind-jamming surveillance jags that are commonplace on the Internet these days.

When you're in Waveland you are a citizen and not a sovereign consumer

Welcome to Waveland, and have a nice day!

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